Our Team 

Sandra Lattanzio/Founder/Director of Operations      


Founder and Trainer of Thoroughbred Sport Horses. 

Sandra has been riding and training for 40 years competing on the East coast as a Hunter Jumper rider.  Growing up in the Pony Hunters up to the Medal Maclays and all levels of the Jumpers. Becoming very successful and accomplished horseman . 

Of course,  training and competing it was inevitable  I worked hard.  But,  what  I received the most out of  this was the life lessons which has made me strong today. Learning how to fail first. I believe if you don't' know how to fail then you will never succeed.  Then how to persevere and not give up. 

I learned that the ribbons will come (Quote from  trainer Jane Dow Burt).    And they did. What's most important is that you learn and your partner learns each time you step in the ring.   Now that I am an adult I wanted to contribute my knowledge and skills to help benefit these great horses and help riders find the best partners.  I have chose to give my life to the Thoroughbred Industry.   I have a love and passion for horses and especially the Thoroughbred.   I am humble and so thrilled at the same time to say that my team and I have made a huge difference in continuing the training and rehoming  of these special horses.    The success is because of many reasons.

Of course Safety Comes First  which is very important.

1.  Our team feels a huge responsibility towards the future of each horse.

2.  Its important to us that the new owner is happy with the horse. 

3.  We put individual care and training into each horse.  We  place them accordingly with  their  new owners based on suitability.

4.  We stay in touch with the owners and assist and help if needed. 

5.  We offer an exchange. 


We understand you are shopping for a new equine partner.


TBSH is shopping for new owners for each horse.  With getting many applications on each horse we choose carefully.

In closing we first want to say Thank you to all our customers who have been so wonderful in giving these great horses new homes and care and love.  To our new customers, we welcome you and will try and help you in any way we can to make this a fun and enjoyable experience. 

Sandra Chappell Lattanzio

Andrew Kelly

Andrew Kelly(Luggsy) has been a part of the growth of TBSH for many years.  Re-homing 100s of TB horses with us,  Andrew is still a vital part of the TBSH team and contues to help us do great work with all our efforts. 

Andrew is an exceptional Thoroughbred rider and trainer.  With years of experience with the top trainers in the both the racing industry and show industry.

Jim Lattanzio/Licensed Therapist

Founder of Animal Therapy International

Jim has been teaching for 35 years..With years of teaching and the love for Animals.  This is the only Laser Therapy Certification available.