Jun 12, 2017

OTTB has a new job

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Noboxwine a 14 year old OTTB has found a job she loves. CTR,s in Vermont ! this rookie horse got a second in her first 15 mile CTR and a third in the 25 mile CTR. the only TB out of 89 entries for both the CTR and endurance. come on TB Owners get out there and hit the trails!! your horse will love you for it and it is a great way to promote OTTB,s. believe me you will make the required time!

Jun 12, 2017

Love it. Thanks for sharing. That is so awesome. The horse industry needs to know how great these horses are. That is why we built this site. We want all of us as our team to let the world know this story and many more. Thank you ....

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  • acmclsh
    May 18, 2018

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has seen this before: I’ve recently begun leasing an older (17ish), new to our barn OTTB that constantly rests his weight off his hind right (in cross-ties or under saddle). Not uncommon, and I’d imagine it’s due to some pre-existing sacroiliac damage. The odd bit is that when he takes his weight off his hind right, he also stretches his fore-left way forward...? It makes for an awkward halt for sure :D He’s generally sound, though we’re only just very slowly working him back into shape, and is sorely lacking any conditioning. He also has a gnarly habit of tripping quite substantially and quite often on both reins, and at all speeds (conditioning or otherwise, hard to say). I’m just wondering if anyone has seen this hind-reat/fore-stretch action before, and has any ideas about what it may be?
  • thoroughbredsporth
    Oct 22
  • bwarnick59602
    Jun 13, 2017

    I'm not sure what CTR means but if it is something outside the show ring i'm sure that it is a blast. Anyone who has the skilll to redefine the mouth and top line of an OTTB should look at one! Every one that goes to slaughter is one too many!!

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