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We have many active buyers

Help U Sell is a program to help you sell your Thoroughbred horse.  

Thoroughbred owners and trainers who have retired their race horse.


TBSH has been the leader in selling and Re-homing Thoroughbred horses nationally for years.  With years of experience and as you all know we get great results, TBSH has always gotten it done.  

Selling a horse is very time consuming and difficult.  Leave the hard work to the experts.

We are now opening our talents and skills to help all of you with what TBSH does best.  


Full support program

What we need from you to get started:

-You provide us with detailed information about your horse.

-You provide us with confirmation photos.  Side,front,back,feet and leg photos.  Photo with measuring stick if possible.

-Video if possible. Mail flash drive to address listed on our site. DropBox available.

-Vet reports if (available).  Radiographs,vaccinations, shoeing records.

-Show experience if Available.

-Registration with a $500 fee to be submitted from our site / 25% commission when horse sells.

What We Provide:

-Advertising on our website and Facebook postings.

-Arrange all appointments/visits depending on your specifications on Registration form. Appointments are not required.

-We give guidance with shipping arrangements.  Before shipped we will need copy of current Coggins and health Cert.

-We handle all phone calls and emails with perspective customers. Spending hours on the phone to reach our final goal.

-We handle the Bill of Sale/Agreement with legal help if needed. We act as your Agent.

-We handle the sale.  From beginning to end.

- We use an Equine Lawyer for every contract and collection of payment .


We retain only 25 % percent With little upfront cost. For all that it takes to get all of this accomplished.  If your horse doesn't sell then we do not get paid.   It is very expensive to advertise and extremely time consuming.  


Remember selling a horse is not only a very difficult task.  It is very time consuming and expensive. Yet, TBSH has been very successful and has proven it over again.

Phone: 859-300-6068

You can email questions to: