Pre-Purchase Option  - #1 as Worlds Largest successful Thoroughbred Re-Homing Company 

Reasons why this program is so successful:

1. Buyer can take their time choosing a horse.  Why rush into your next horse.  

2. We provide unlimited Time for you to choose the right horse.

3. TBSH works closely in helping you find the right match for suitablility.

4. (Optional) TBSH also offers monthly additional OTTB Transitional training. 


Lets get started



TBSH"s horses are purchased immediately after being posted. This progrmam is also a solution for all of you who have missed out on your favorite horses. 
By entering into the Pre-Purchase program you will  have first choice of all new Suitable  horses. We help customize your your choice.

TBSH Thoroughbreds are all priced at $2868.00.  To enter is $2868 which includes both the horse and the service.



Pre-purchase Program - We have Availability-Read why to choose this Program


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