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                                                       Please watch this video of our most curagious riders

                                                        Please Help the Permanently Disabled Jockey Fund

With over 22,000 horse races held annually in the U.S.A. Horse racing has been one of the most popular and inspirational sports of good and bad times. It is a sport that should be held with respect and admiration. Unfortunately as popular and wonderful as it is it still remains one of the most dangerous for the riders. Each year at least two jockey's are killed and many others are seriously injured and even paralyzed.
What is most disturbing is the support network for the injured Jockey is limited. Because of the danger many go uninsured for long term disability  care. This is why Thoroughbred Sport Horses  and many others are asking for your contribution support to PDJF.

Please Click here to read more: To Donate And Read More - Permanently Disabled Jockey Fund 


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