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Our Thoroughbred Rehoming Program
Placing Thoroughbreds in the best homes ever

If you are a Thoroughbred owner and or Trainer and have a Thoroughbred that has finished Racing and needs to find a new career, we are here.

  TBSH has successfully re-homed and rehabbed 100's of Thoroughbreds each year into wonderful homes and new careers.  

  Once entered into our transitional training program, they are evaluated by our licensed Equine Therapist and our experienced riders who must have race track experience to give them a positive start.  We love every Thoroughbred that comes to us and feel a huge responsibility to them and to you.

Our Program is different and very special - What TBSH offers and assures you and the Thoroughbred:

> TBSH Microchips and Registers with National alerts,  every Thoroughbred that enters into our program.

>TBSH requires an application to review and evaluate before considering placement to assure the Thoroughbred is the right match for the new owner.  

>TBSH will accept Thoroughbreds that most organizations won't that have certain injuries.  We do have an additional program for extensive injuries as well.  All of our Rehab needs are performed by Park Equine Hospital with two locations -  Lexington or Versailles KY.  **We accept colts.

>TBSH videos long presentations for each Thoroughbred of grooming, tacking up, and riding with all new transitional advancements. 

>TBSH videos every Thoroughbred leaving with Bob Hubbard picking up.  Every Thoroughbred is transported to a veterinarian clinic where the coggins and Health cert are prepared.  They are boarded there until final pickup.

>TBSH requires they are shipped by one of our approved transport companies.

>TBSH EXCHANGES: We will exchange the Thoroughbred if the new owner is not satisfied or is unhappy.  This helps protect the Thoroughbred.

>TBSH has an Equine Attorney that prepares every Agreement/Bill of Sale with safety clauses to also protect the Thoroughbred.

******VERY IMPORTANT******

>All that has been mentioned above is packaged up and sent to the Trainer to share with the original owner.


1. Microchip Certificate and company.


2. Application of new owner with name and phone number and email.  All information.  TBSH encourages you to follow up with your past Thoroughbred race horse.  New owners are made aware that you may be following up.

3. All videos

4.  All signed contracts of Agreement/Bill of Sale and addendums if any accure.

5.  Veterinarian information if examined.

Our Purpose

  We feel strongly that the Thoroughbred horse once finished racing deserves and has earned the right to a good home.

  Young healthy horses should continue to live productive lives. These horses have the best breeding and training of any horse in the world.  Also, Thoroughbreds are just so loyal and kind and willing.  They work hard every day for us.  For the ones with injuries or challenges, we owe it to them to give them the necessary rehab and care to bring them to their full potential.  Even if its only a trail horse.

  That is why TBSH is here.  We are here for the Thoroughbred and also for the Thoroughbred Industry.

Many Thoroughbreds who we have given the chance to continue in the second leg of their careers have become very successful. Some are just very happy in their new homes enjoying a new partner who loves them. 

   We have been a working model of providing this for many years.  We have made a great difference in continuing the education of race horses to become show horses, fox hunting horses, trail horses, or just companion horses. 

  We are not a start up program.  We have been serving the Lexington Kentucky, California, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, NY,  and many more states for many trainers and owners.

This program is well needed and has served many.  We are very proud of the work and success that we have accomplished in helping Thoroughbreds.  Our program is unlike any other.

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