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  • acmclshDashMay 18, 2018

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has seen this before: I’ve recently begun leasing an older (17ish), new to our barn OTTB that constantly rests his weight off his hind right (in cross-ties or under saddle). Not uncommon, and I’d imagine it’s due to some pre-existing sacroiliac damage. The odd bit is that when he takes his weight off his hind right, he also stretches his fore-left way forward...? It makes for an awkward halt for sure :D He’s generally sound, though we’re only just very slowly working him back into shape, and is sorely lacking any conditioning. He also has a gnarly habit of tripping quite substantially and quite often on both reins, and at all speeds (conditioning or otherwise, hard to say). I’m just wondering if anyone has seen this hind-reat/fore-stretch action before, and has any ideas about what it may be?
  • thoroughbredsporthDashAdminDashApr 23, 2018
  • thoroughbredsporthDashAdminDashSep 8, 2017

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